Eagle Walk

Where Eagles Fly

  • Easy graded Wildlife Walk
  • Pick up at 10.00 am in Tobermory
  • Travel to the heartland of Mull’s White-tailed Eagle and Golden Eagle populations
  • Marvel at the majesty of Britain’s largest and most iconic raptors
  • Unlock the eagles’ secret of success and discover what makes the Isle of Mull so special for these birds of prey
  • Sit among the stirring sights and sounds of a variety of Mull’s breeding wetland waders

The Isle of Mull offers some of the best opportunities to view these birds in the country. Throughout the island, White-tailed Eagles share their coastal and mountain domains with the highest density of breeding Golden Eagles found anywhere in Europe, as well as an assortment of other birds of prey, including Hen Harrier.

Golden Eagles and White-tailed Eagles are Schedule 1 species and are afforded maximum protection under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, as amended in the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004. The Mull Magic Eagle Walk promotes the observation of these birds in an ethically responsible manner, where the welfare of wildlife on the Isle of Mull is foremost.

Please note that these birds will be viewed from a safe and legal distance. Whilst you are welcome to bring along your cameras on any Mull Magic walks, this is not a photography trip and you are unlikely to get close up shots of the eagles.

The cost is £70.00 per person including:-

  • Door to door service if staying in Tobermory or Salen
  • The services of a local Wildlife Walking Guide
  • The renowned Mull Magic lunch
  • Loan of binoculars if required
  • Telescope to maximise viewing opportunities
  • Tea and homemade scones at the end of the walk

Booking is essential so please contact Mull Magic to make a reservation.